Aluminum Roller Shutter Doors

Aluminum Roller Shutter DoorsAluminum Roller Shutter garage doors are one of the two major types of roller garage doors, the other type is sectional steel garage doors. Aluminum roller garage doors are made of aluminum slats with a foam-filled center and are the latest form of the European style shutter doors that were used for security purposes in many European countries including France, Italy and Holland. Insulated aluminum slats were used for the construction of those security shutters that had enough flexibility to ensure easy rolling around the hollow steel barrel. Garage Door Repair in Barrington, IL.

Aluminum is a great metal that can be manufactured into various designs and sizes for the roller garage door slates as compared to steel that can only be roll formed and do not provide much versatility and they also tend to rust unlike aluminum. The transformation of these shutters into roller garage doors was done by using comparatively large slats that consisted of a twin wall and a foam filled center which provide more insulation. These roller garage doors offer great durability and strength while being light weight at the same time. The features that revolutionized these garage doors were their operation with the help of a remote control, ease of usability, and the integration of safety devices that made them really safe and secure, given the fact these garage doors were being manufactured with very large sizes. Aluminum roller doors featured barrel type motor that could be fitted internally inside the central barrel that made them unique because the safety devices were not mounted externally like motor units fitted on other garage doors. These aluminum roller garage doors also feature a safety sensor device which stops and even reverses the garage door on a contact with an object in its way while opening or closing of the door. Garage Door Repair in Homer Glen, IL

The company that introduced and manufactured the roller garage doors in the US for the first time was SWS. Their Seceuroglide range is still one of the most famous products offered in the market. A lot of manufacturers tried to copy their products but ended up with something that just looked similar with a lot of operation defects.

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Double skin Aluminum shutter roller doors feature a lot of benefits as compared to the cheaper option that is single skin steel roller garage door. These features include better security, sealing and insulation as compared to the cheaper option. If you are looking forward to purchasing an aluminum roller garage door you must ensure that it is of a good quality and is manufactured by one of the famous names in the market. Otherwise you will end up with a cheaper option that would be built with low quality aluminum material and other operating parts that will not have a long life and will require repair and maintenance every now and then. You might get attracted by the lower price that you would have to pay in the beginning but the low quality hardware and electric operator will not only drain a lot of money on a long term basis but will also be a safety threat.